An/Other by Pickl

A 12-month concept store celebrating a 100 years of burgers

An/Other is more than just a store: it’s a culinary hub, a celebration of those who stood before us; a commemoration of culture, just as diverse as the land we stand upon. It’s Pickl but stripped back, re-vamped and relayed in it’s familiar tone.

We are here to stand on the shoulders of giants; we are here to pay homage & respect to burgers & brands which have defined an entire industry and managed to elevate a humble piece of beef, a few slices of bread, and a slice of cheese into one of the most popular items of food in human history. An educational culinary journey of a story rarely told: The Evolution of The Burger. Over the coming 12 months we will tell this story and pay homage to the greatest of burgers.

Just like music, apparel has shifted between industries before, but neither have ever ventured into the culinary world. That is now changing. Pickl Apparel gives you the opportunity to have Pickl within your home and your wardrobe. This concept store allows us to move out of our safe space, into new, unfamiliar avenues – oversized tees, hoodies and caps will live beside skate decks, golf apparel and some of Dubai’s leading new, homegrown brands.

An/Other has given us a place to play, a test kitchen to experiment in. This is the launch of our inaugural Hot Sauce & Spice range, now available to take home for the first time. Will the hot sauce be the same a year from now? Maybe – we don’t know. But that is what is exciting and why we are here: to push boundaries, evolve & grow, tasting & testing until we nail it.

Check out what Pickl’s founder and CEO, Stephen Flawith has to say about An/Other in his interview with GQ Middle East.

For more information about An/Other located in City Walk, click here.

Head to An/Other by Pickl in City Walk, Dubai.

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