Dubai’s latest fried chicken shop from the creators of Pickl

In case you haven’t already seen Bonbird all over social media, here’s a little peek curated just for you. Picture this, buckets of bone in fried chicken, or no bones if you prefer it that way.

 Inspired by the classic traditions of the American South, you can expect fresh fried chicken that’s crispy and crunchy on the outside, but juicy, moist, and tender on the inside, made from the finest premium ingredients.

Go for a bucket and create it your way with a choice of wings, thighs, drumsticks, tenders, breasts, or even a whole leg, in 5 different flavors.  Warning: There’s only 1 leg in every bucket. Make sure you shotgun it. 

And if bone in chicken isn’t your thing?

While we have a bone to pick with you 👀, we get it..bone in chicken isn’t everyone’s thing. And that’s why we have a full no bone chicken (aka tenders) menu, in 5 different flavors from chicken salt to xxx hot.

There’s more..
Chicken sandwiches (not sandos), the meltiest sandwich melts, BBQ beans, slaw, cheesy fries, chicken salt fries, gravy and even a little bump of caviar, if you fancy.

Since you’re craving every bit of this, we have something bon for you. Scroll on..


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