Officially Best Burger in Dubai alert!

What do this team and Jeff Goldblum have in common? They are all award-winning legends!

If you’re going to win awards, they might as well be the big ones, and they don’t come much bigger than the Time Out Dubai Restaurant Awards. 17 years of finding the best eats in Dubai means they know what they’re talking about.

For the first time ever there was a Best Burger category and despite stiff competition from some amazing burger joints across Dubai, Pickl took home the big prize. If they had let us do an Oscars-style speech on stage, we would have been there for hours thanking every Pickl legend past and present that has helped us to this achievement. It would have made Greer Garson’s record holding 6-minute speech in 1942 seem like a rushed thank you.

See, Pickl has always been about more than burgers, it’s about the people. It’s the passion that they put into every patty that sets us apart and helped Time Out’s judges come to their decision.

This award is for them. Thank you, legends!