The robots are coming, and they’re bringing their A-game. ChatGPT is an AI tool that has infiltrated the modus operandi. We don’t know if they’ll steal the marketing team’s jobs just as yet, but one thing’s for sure – they’re here to stay.

So, what can be done about it? Well, you know what they say, if you can’t beat them, join them. And that’s exactly what the marketing team decided to do. They picked the red pill and experimented with ChatGPT to strategise and come up with posts for our Instagram and LinkedIn accounts. To the dismay of boomers, ChatGPT did not disappoint.

During the two-week trial in January, the marketing team provided ChatGPT with descriptions of the content and instructions on tone of voice for each post. The goal was to replicate the usual approach on social media and come up with new creative ideas through the use of the AI chatbot. And boy, did things get interesting.

You’d assume that AI would be honest and truthful, but apparently, that isn’t always the case. The team actually caught ChatGPT in a lie, which then resulted in the AI chatbot gaslighting them. 2023, eh? While ChatGPT shocked us with its lies and deception tactics, it also pleasantly surprised us by coming up with creative and witty ideas for social posts.

Post-expermient, we saw a significant increase in engagement on both social media accounts. On Instagram, we experienced a 42% increase in the engagement rate, and on LinkedIn, we saw a staggering 48% increase. We don’t know whether the marketing team is relieved or terrified.

While it is in the pipeline to use ChatGPT in more creative ways in the future, we’re not planning on replacing our trusty human workforce. We value our social media and marketing teams, and recognize that AI-based technology can never replace the intelligence, humour, and humanity of our people (not any time soon, at least 👀).

To wrap it up, robots may eventually take over the world and render us obsolete, but at least they’re helping us come up with some creative ideas and strategies along the way.