Ahhh it’s that day again, April Fool’s day, the day you wake up and suddenly you’re SUS about every little move everyone makes. 

You walk into work and take a seat, but wait… did Debra from HR change the incline on your seat slightly or is it just your mind pranking you? Nope, it’s just April Fool’s Day!

The box of donuts in the pantry? Is it actually custard filled or has someone filled it with mayo? 

Will your stapler be in Jell-O? That would actually be hilarious. Take notes Debra. 

Seriously though? Do y’all absolutely love or dislike April Fool’s Day? 

April Fools Prank!

The only prank that should be allowed IOHO (in our honest opinion) is sending someone a Pickl delivery as a kind gesture but only getting them a rocket salad?!

This April Fool’s Day, we pranked our Operations Manager – Reece Baker!
Watch the full video to see what a legend he is!