Little meals for Little Legends. The same Pickl quality, just littler.

Whether you go for a Chicken Sando, Cheeseburger, Tenders, or Plant-based Burger, you can create a meal option that will come in at under 500 calories.

It’s got the same antibiotic, hormone, and preservative-free chicken and beef. This is fresh fast food, perfect for the little legend you are.


Let’s play a word game!

Show off your problem solving skills by completing this crossword puzzle.

1. When you're in trouble, you're in a ?
2. You can find this in a farm and sip a shake with it.
3. A word that goes with buns and fries.
4. What do we call a chicken burger?
5. What's our hottest level of spice?


Feed your stomach and mind with Little Pickl. After all, being legendary is all about balance.

Collect your badges, complete the tasks, and show everyone how awesome you are.

From writing cool stories to trying a new sport and performing acts of kindness, there are 12 activities for you to explore and be a little more legendary every day.

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