The Art of Giving

Giving means different things to different people, but we all appreciate its importance. 

There are many people that give so much and we want to take a moment to appreciate them for everything they do. 

We sat down with 10 people of different ages & nationalities, to discuss the importance of giving and what it means to them.

We asked our Pickl community to nominate those amazing people that encapsulate the Art of Giving. We would then choose five people and give back to them in our own special way. A year of free Pickl.

We received hundreds of nominations, that told inspirational stories of people that give so much.

This is the moment that some of our team read out the winning nominations for the first time. We want to thank these amazing people for everything that they do, by giving them all a year of free Pickl.

Listen to our Head of Brand, David Dougall, talking to Mark Lloyd from Dubai Eye about our ‘Art of Giving’ campaign, here.

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