Presents… The Ultimate Night in

The two hardest things in the world are picking what to watch on Netflix and what you want to eat. We’ve got you covered for one.

You pick the movie, we’ll pick the snacks.

This bag of Pick n Mix (that we picked and mixed) will help you focus on desperately scrolling through the countless list of movie titles before inevitably ending up rewatching The Office for the 189th time. (Yeah, we know that’s not a movie)

What makes this the ultimate bag of Pick n Mix? 

The Snozberries taste like Snozberries.
The Cherries taste like Cherries.
The Cola Bottles taste like Cola Bottles.
The Coconut Mushrooms taste like Coconut Mushrooms.
The Fried Eggs taste like well, not Fried Eggs. (No bad eggs in this bag!)
And.. it has the ultimate chocolate that has ever existed..Freddo Frogs.
Warning: There’s only 1 Freddo Frog in every large Pick n Mix bag. Make sure you shotgun it. 

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And now to the main event!

Pick a movie for us to recreate and if yours is picked, you can win a AED 1000 Pickl voucher.
Pickl, Pick n Mix and an epic movie? Now, that’s the ultimate night in.

Head over to our Instagram stories and highlights to watch the other epic movies we’ve recreated (terribly).

All you have to do is send in your deets and if your movie suggestion’s picked, you’ll win a AED 1000 Pickl voucher. Go, go go!


Suggest a movie we should recreate, send in your deets and you may win a AED 1000 Pickl voucher. Simple.


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